About the Agent

Joanne VuylstekeJoanne Vuylsteke
11999 San Vicente Boulevard Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Email: Joannev2@mac.com
Office: Brentwood
Website: http://www.joannevuylsteke.com
Phone: 310.300.3333
Mobile: 310.487.0943
Fax: 310.333.2000

Joanne Vuylsteke has been an agent with Nourmand & Associates since 2007, selling and developing real estate. She prides herself on being hard-working, effective, knowledgable and charitable.

She pledges 10% of her net commissions go to charity. She strongly supports RSRT, the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Joanne grew up on the Westside, having lived and owned property in Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and Marina del Rey. The nearly 6,000 square foot home she and her husband built on the sand in Marina del Rey, she sold for the highest price of any single family home in the Marina, at the highest cost per square foot, in the down market of 2010.

Joanne is known for her out of the box thinking. She has helped her clients purchase the hardest to find homes, including those not even for sale. She has also coordinated co-op advertising, driving more buyers to an area with her listing.

Prior to working in Real Estate, Joanne was in media, as the Vice President of Sales for Landmark Networks, which included The Weather Channel, weather.com, and The Travel Channel. She had also spent 3 years at Disney Studios as Manager of Research, right after graduation from Syracuse University with degrees in Marketing and Communications.