About the Agent

Gavin & Pamela FlemingerGavin & Pamela Fleminger
11828 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Email: gavinfleminger@gmail.com
Office: Brentwood
Website: http://www.gavinandpamela.com/
Phone: 310.300.3397
Mobile: 310.850.8053
Fax: 310.300.2000

Gavin and Pamela Fleminger bring a world of national and international real estate experience to their clients.

Gavin’s expertise and strong commitment to professionalism has earned him the position of Assistant Manager of Nourmand & Associates Brentwood office.

Gavin, a former east coast broker, provides a strong business background and understands the importance of the digital market in today's times, while never losing sight of the needs for personal contact and availability throughout the process.

Pamela, a former international relocation director understands the importance of all the facets of real estate from the emotional turmoil associated with buying or selling a home to the financial needs required to close a deal.

Together, the husband and wife team have many years of experience in the real estate business. They combine their knowledge of the real estate industry with their dedication to provide personal service, to make buying or selling your home as stress free as possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding real estate.

"Gavin Fleminger - Broker
Top agent, made the buying process go smoothly and stayed the course throughout. Would definitely work with him and Nourmand again!"

"I have at least ten close friends who are real estate agents. (Seems like everyone has a license these days.) When I bought my house, I didn't work with any of them. I chose Gavin Fleminger of Nourmand and Associates. Here's why.

About ten years ago, I was in escrow on a beautiful condo in Santa Monica. Near the end of escrow, I saw blueprints and discovered that another unit's deck was above my bedroom. Big surprise. I wanted out of escrow. Gavin was my real estate agent, and he worked as hard to get me out of escrow as he did to get me in. Actually, he worked even harder. He was losing money, and worked his tail off to get me out of the deal. "If it's not right, it's not right." That's what he always said. He is a man of great integrity.

So, four years ago when I saw a little teeny house in Sherman Oaks that was listed as a short sale, I called Gavin. He was a SAINT throughout the whole process. First, when I asked him where he thought the real estate market was headed, he replied honestly (unlike every other agent I've ever met). "I think it's going to keep dropping, then flatten out." Okay with me. So, I made a lowball offer. And Gavin actually convinced me to go even LOWER! (Even though that lessened the chance of the deal going through, and his making money.) They took the deal! Wham, I was suddenly in a 21-day escrow. And I’m sure I was a real pain, especially since I've never bought a property before. I asked questions about every single line of every single document. Gavin is VERY knowledgeable and very patient and answered absolutely everything. He got all the inspections done while I was at work. He was like my husband for a month! And was so conscientious. For example, when I needed my septic inspected, he found someone to do it. Then rejected them, because they didn't seem to know what they were doing. He really, really watched out for me.

I can not possibly recommend him highly enough. I can not imagine how horrible my experience would have been going into a first-time buying situation on a short-sale property and a 21-day escrow with anyone else. I wouldn't have done it. I couldn't have gotten through it.

I share this because I want EVERYONE to have as great an experience as I had!!!!"


Andrea Drever, Sherman Oaks, California