About the Agent

Kemi OlonadeKemi Olonade
421 N Beverly Drive #200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Email: kemimolonade@gmail.com
Office: Beverly Hills
Phone: 310.274.4000
Mobile: 310.854.9516
Fax: 310.278.9900

Kemi is a an up-and-coming real estate agent who hails from London, England. She is a competitive and
determined woman who has proven so through her athletic triumphs as an All-American track and field
star that graduated from the University of Southern California. She received her degree in International
Relations which perfectly accompanies her desire to take the Real Estate world by storm both domestically
and internationally.
Olonade also attended Beverly Hills High School which allowed her to be extremely knowledgeable of
Beverly Hills and the surrounding area. She is excited to contribute to the excellence of the neighborhood.
Olonade’s athletic past and connections she had made through out her career now allows her to delve into
the pro-sports realm with familiarity and connect both of her passions with real estate and professional
Kemi’s loving, determined and hard working personality ensure that her clients will the receive the best
service. She works great under pressure and is able to flexible to the desires and personalities of everyone
she encounters. There is know doubt that she will have a successful career in real estate if she continues
to put her best foot forward. Kemi also specializes in residential properties.