About the Agent

Vivian FleschVivian Flesch
11828 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Email: vivianflesch@mac.com
Office: Brentwood
Phone: 310.300.3312
Mobile: 310.871.0600
Fax: 310.300.2000

Vivian Flesch was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She completed
her Bachelor of Arts at UCLA and entered the music industry. Initially, she
worked in promotion and artist relations at MGM and later at Warner Bros.
In 1979 Ms. Flesch translated her marketing and interpersonal skills to the
real estate business.

Ms. Flesch assists clients in defining their needs; a process which allows clients
to find practical solutions that also fulfill their wishes. She has honed her
communication and collaborative skills in order to deal effectively with sellers
and prospective buyers. Now with Nourmand and Associates, Ms. Flesch’s
interactions engender trust because they are characterized by discretion and