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Melody Rogers-KelleyMelody Rogers-Kelley
421 N Beverly Drive #200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Email: mrpk1@pacbell.net
Office: Beverly Hills
Website: http://www.patandmelody.com/
Phone: 310.888.3357
Mobile: 323.899.5636
Fax: 310.278.9900

Melody Rogers – Kelley and Patrick Kelley have been successful in all of their endeavors. Real Estate is no exception for this talented team.
Melody spent many years performing in Broadway shows, television series and in commercial campaigns. She is best known for her eight-year stint on the acclaimed CBS-TV series “Two On The Town,” where she won four Emmy’s for her work. She also played the role of Zach’s mom on NBC's popular series, “Saved By The Bell.”
Patrick, as many Southern Californians remember, was known as “Paraquat Kelley” on the legendary Rock and Roll radio station KMET in Los Angeles where he broadcast for over a decade. Additionally, Pat has broadcast in New York City as host of “Kelley In The Morning” on WNEW and across America with his syndicated News & Views pro-gram.
Today, Melody and Patrick have teamed their talents in a multi-million dollar Real Estate business. Their success can be directly attributed to their commitment to serve their clients needs with honesty, integrity, knowledge and efficiency. With 28 years combined experience Melody and Patrick’s Real Estate sales are nearing $175,000,000.00
Melody and Patrick’s mission statement is simple:
“We treat others the way we wish to be treated.”

Legendary Record Producer
(Boston, Eagles, Linda Ronstadt. Charlie Daniels Band) - to name a few.
Dear Melody and Patrick,
Selling a house that you've lived in for almost thirty years can be a difficult and heart-wrenching experience - you made it easy. From the confusing task of finding the right price, to making sure that we passed all the inspections, to your valuable advice on how to show the house to its best advantage, everything was handled with sensitivity and consummate professionalism. I don't think we could have done it without you - please accept our sincere gratitude. You are hereby appointed our "Real Estate Gurus For Life."
John and Jill Boylan

Appellate Court Judge
Dear Melody and Patrick,
Losing both of our parents in one month was much for us to bare, not to mention the settling of their estate. We extend to you both our deepest appreciation for the help you gave us in selling a house that had been filled with Love, Family and Friends for over 50 years. Your compassion at such a difficult time helped us get through. From the moment the house was listed until the close of escrow you were there professional-ly every step of the way. Our heartfelt thanks. -Honorable & Mrs. Richard D. Aldrich, California Court of Appeal

Financial Advisor
Dear Melody and Patrick:
Hardly a day goes by when I don't think about how lucky I am that you found me the perfect home! Not only did you find it, both you and Pat were wherever you needed to be in order for me to be able to make an offer, negotiate the terms and conditions of the purchase, wade through the process of a loan application and finally close an escrow. As you know, because of my professional occupa-tion, I'm well aware of the importance of attention to small details and how any-thing less than total diligence and commitment can produce nightmares for a cli-ent/purchaser in some future time. Needless to say, because you both worked so hard on this transaction and are so knowledgeable in your profession, I haven't lost a wink of sleep! Needless to say, I'll always be grateful to you both. -Rachel Davenport, CEO Horizon Advisors

Robinsons/May G.M.
Dear Fellow Real Estat-ers,
Selling or buying a home is not easy. That's exactly why you need Patrick and Melody as your selling and your buying partners. I make these claims with first hand experience and complete confidence. Pat and Melody helped me to sell my treasured Miracle Mile home and then found me my perfect Hollywood Hills hideaway. Their professional and 100% honest approach kept me calm and fo-cused. Since they work as a team, they were available and helpful to me 100% of the time - 2 for the price of 1! I was looking for the very best Realtor to help me through the buying process. I was lucky to find Patrick and Melody. Get lucky! Call Patrick and Melody! -Valerie Lardner, Store General Manager Robinsons/May

Dear Melody and Patrick:
From the beginning you intuited what we really wanted in a house. You only showed us real possibilities and then hit the nail on the head. Thanks for finding our dream home - we'll probably be here until it's time to go. -Marcia Brandwynne, Assistant News Director KTLA Los Angeles

Communication & Follow Through
Having conducted multiple transactions over the last 15 years, my wife and I have built up a body of experience and knowledge when it comes to real estate. Of the countless agents we have dealt with, Pat & Melody shine in a sea of darkness for their extraordinarily thorough communications and faultless follow-through. The devil is in the details when it comes to real estate transactions. Communications and follow-through are the variables that make the differ-ence between a smooth transaction and one fraught with stress. Pat & Melody dotted every “i” and crossed every “t.” When we brought up items that needed to be investigated, they were on it and back to us with timely and complete answers. When things were quiet, they were calling us to simply check in. We felt, that more than any agent we have ever dealt with, they handled the transaction with the utmost care. And that made it A LOT easier for us. To top it off, they are great people! If you are looking for an agent to help you buy or sell a home, look no fur-ther. Sincerely: Andrew Garsten & Helen McDonagh -Andrew Garsten & Helen McDonagh

Much To Be Thankful For!
Patrick and Melody! Surprise, surprise, Lee and I felt it was time to get in touch and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are now residing in West Hollywood and have much to be thankful for and you guys are at the top on our list. We have enjoyed your notes and our sin-cere apologizes for not being in touch prior to now. We sold our home in Seattle and more or less we have successfully downsized to the condominium in WeHo. During the sale of our house we constantly asked ourselves "What would Patrick and Melody do?" We may not be good at communicating but you have never far from our thoughts and it is appropriate at this time to say "thank you". We are looking forward to spending many Thanksgivings here in California and we would like to thank you for helping us accomplish that dream and we want to wish you a Very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. -Lee Hurley & Dave Duncan

When we sold our home in San Francisco in mid-January 2003, we had eight (8) weeks to find a house in LA, buy it, pack up our 9-room Victorian and move. Our family and friends thought we were crazy to assume we could accomplish all that in 8 weeks. But that was the reality. We had 8 weeks. And we did it-thanks to Pat and Melody Kelley. After scouring LA's MLS website non-stop for a few weeks, we found several possibilities in our price range. We drove to LA February 13th to look at houses; toured them with Melody and Pat over the weekend; made an offer on Monday the 17th; and our offer was accepted on the 18th! That gave us exactly one month to close on both houses and move from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Pat and Melody came through in so many ways. We talked to both of them daily--day and night. When one wasn't available--the other was. They facilitated everything from the inspection to the geological report to the owner's requests to our requests and de-mands from the city. They assisted with our escrow. They supplied us with phone numbers for everything from the gas company to power to water to cable to the pool guy! In addition, they monitored every piece of paper that was mailed or faxed to us, making sure we didn't miss anything. Their attention to detail was astonishing. And on moving day, Pat showed up with Wolfgang Puck salads and specialty sodas! So, here we are in the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect commute-thanks to Pat and Melody! -Rob & Trish Reece

We sold our home in Beachwood Canyon with Melody two years after leaving Los Angeles for NY. Having to sell our home remotely seemed like a daunting task.
Melody managed to make the whole process incredibly transparent and uncomplicated for us. In her clear and professional manner she helped guide us through a very smooth and successful transaction. Melody was an amazing communicator with us and everyone else involved. Melody is super hardworking, diligent and organized while and at the same time having the most gentle and empathic spirit. We were able to completely trust her to handle the transaction for us every step along the way. Thank you, Melody!

The good news was great - once again Melody Rogers found me a house I loved and she negotiated a great deal with no muss or fuss. Then she went to work on selling my existing home. It didn't take Melody very long to get the photos done, stage the home properly, and list it at the very right price for a good sale with a qualified buyer. Melody does all the work and makes it so easy for her clients. I'd never use anyone else to buy or sell a home. Besides, she has such a good heart not to mention an unbelievable work ethic. She's all for her clients and I am all for her.
-Marcia Brandwynne Life Coach

Friendly and Knowledgeable
As anyone who has ever bought a house knows, it can be a stressful
process. And if you don't have just the right real estate agent on your
side, it can be a nightmare. That's why I strongly suggest that if you
are considering buying or selling your house, you hire Melody Rogers as
soon as possible. Melody is probably one of the most pleasant people I have ever met. All
agents will tell you they have your best interests at heart, but take it from a very satisfied client, Melody really does. Let me tell you how I know this to be true. When we first engaged Melody to look for houses for us, we had more than a dozen listings in our email within an hour. When we wanted to see a house, Melody arranged it to meet our schedule.
And she was always there on time. Melody was always knowledgeable about the house we were looking at,
having researched it thoroughly prior to the showing. Melody was TIRELESS. She never stopped working for us. Mornings,
evenings, weekends, holidays.it didn't matter. She was always available
to speak to us on the phone and if you got her voice mail, she always
called back within minutes. Melody made us feel like we were her #1 priority, even though I know her other clients felt the same way (maybe she figured out how to clone
herself???) She would always give us an honest opinion about a house. For her, it
was not about closing the deal.it was about making sure we found the
perfect house. When we made an offer she was as thorough as anyone I've ever seen. She
never rushed and made sure everything was in order and correct. She was a very tough negotiator on our behalf. She took our requests to
the seller and fought for us.and usually won! She has an amazing network of professionals that she gave us access to
for financing, inspections and maintenance. She left no stone unturned.
Whenever we had a need, she had a real estate professional there to
help. It's amazing how well she's connected with the real estate
industry. Melody knows comps and was very savvy in evaluating our offer and making sure we didn't overpay. When we ran into a little difficultly with the house we were selling in
another city, Melody quickly came up with a solution that fixed
everything. Melody was not the listing broker on the out of town house
we were selling and she didn't stand to gain anything from her input but she went out of her way to offer advice and it ended up saving us
$5000. Like I said, she was only concerned about helping us. Melody was with us every step of the way, always at the house for
inspections and staying as long as necessary. When we closed, Melody continued to make sure everything was as it
should be. She even brought us dinner and a beautiful house warming gift the first night we were in the house! This is the 9th house we've bought over the last 35 years and I have yet to meet a real estate agent as thorough, as friendly, as professional
(or as pretty) as Melody. I am confident in saying we could not have found and purchased the
perfect house without Melody Rogers.

-Steve and Barbara Feld