Current President, Scott Campbell, is running for the Board of Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council (CHNC)

March 3, 2014


Los Angeles, CA – (March 3, 2014) – Scott Campbell, the current president of the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council (CHNC) and an agent at Nourmand & Associates Realtors, is running for a Board seat in the 2014 election. He has been a part of the CHNC since 2004. This is a volunteer position that focuses on making City Government more accessible to the community and making the community’s desires apparent to City officials and Departments. 

This year there are 16 candidates running for 5 positions.  Because these are ‘at large’ seats, the five candidates who receive the most votes will be installed on the Board. Scott Campbell will be looking to retain his seat on the board in this upcoming election.

The CHNC is a self-governed, self-directed and independent organization empowered by the Los Angeles City Charter. This charter offers neighborhood councils a role in the City’s decision-making process. Through the CHNC citizens are given the opportunity and the obligation to stay involved with developments in their community.

The Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council is responsible for several community projects in the Hollywood area. “Untag” is one of the councils projects, it focuses on eliminating graffiti and preventing further vandalizing. The CHNC is has also contributed to the community by raising community gardens. One of their community gardens is located on the southwest corner of Fountain and Mansfield Avenues. Neighbors in that area have been working together to transform an empty lot into a beautiful community garden.