Winning The Real Estate Race In Beverly Hills

August 8, 2011

Posted Friday August 5, 2011 – 9am

By Brenton Garen, Beverly Hills Courier

For Nourmand & Associates realtor Timothy Di Prizito, selling a home for a client is like crossing the finishing line in the championships.

As a former athlete, the Beverly Hills-based realtor says the steps to selling a home are much like training for competition.

Di Prizito breaks home sales down into phases, starting with preparing the house to go to market, then there’s the marketing and promotional phase and then the presentational phase to pitch potential buyers.

He's definitely not afraid to endure the hard miles necessary to earn first place.

Then the offer phase is much like further intensive training, where he nurtures a deal together, negotiating compromises that best benefit his clients.

Once the deal enters the escrow phase he continues to work hard, building momentum to keep the deal together.

“Ultimately when you close a deal, it’s a win,” Di Prizito says. “The most satisfying reward is finishing the race having achieved satisfactory results for my clients.”

Enlisting ‘The Team Beverly Hills’

When clients sign up with Timothy Di Prizito, they not only sign up for just his service; they are also enlisting his team to handle every aspect of the sale.

When he started in real estate in 2004, he took a different approach to most other realtors and developed, an organized group of sales associates dedicated to offering expert realtor services and resources beyond the normal scope of a single agent.

“My clients understand they are getting more for their money; they are getting a team of people handling different departments, processes and procedures to deliver more service than just a single realtor,” he says.

“As a realtor here in Beverly Hills, one must be able to compete. I like the concept of making a real-estate transaction go smoothly and believe me, it takes a team to pull it together.”

Climbing The Real Estate Ladder

Before his real-estate career, Di Prizito owned 100% Pure Fitness, a fitness and nutrition consulting business, which is how he met Nourmand & Associates owner Myra Nourmand in 1997.

Nourmand recognized his great sales ability and personality, which prompted her to suggest a career in real estate because she saw in him a huge potential to succeed.

For the next several years, Di Prizito was introduced to the real estate world as an apprentice to Nourmand, helping her and learning what it takes to be a top-producing realtor in a world-renowned real-estate market.

In 2004, he completed his evolution from fitness owner to realtor, becoming officially licensed.

“I hit the ground running because I took many years in advance to train hard as a student of Myra, Saeed and the whole Nourmand real-estate family. I'm truly thankful to have had their guidance and support,” he says.

He has always been his own boss since graduating from Clemson University, S.C. in 1991. His transition into real estate has been seamless already knowing that personalized service and building long-lasting rapport with clients are among the keys to his success.

Living And Working In Beverly Hills

Living and being a part of the neighborhood he works in is important for Di Prizito who has lived with his wife and family in the “flats” of Beverly Hills for more than a decade.

Di Prizito’s city contributions include supporting the Beverly Hills Education Foundation, the local Police and Fireman’s Associations, sponsoring the Beverly High football team and volunteering at his daughter’s school to name a few.

“Each week I help out with the kindergartners, even though my daughter isn’t in kindergarten anymore,” he says. “I just love those kids and I’ve been helping out with an educational program every Friday for the past four years... all the students at Hawthorne know me as ‘Coach D.’”

He’s also the Neighborhood Watch co-block captain for Rexford Drive, north of Santa Monica Boulevard.

This active community involvement helps him understand the social and cultural dynamics of Beverly Hills, and has helped him develop the essential relationships needed to keep his finger on the pulse of the real-estate market and stay one step ahead of the competition.

To contact Timothy, call his office 310-888-3365, cell 310-266-2777, email at or visit his website at

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