OVER THE TOP the Architectural History of Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills | 1469 Carla Ridge

May 5, 2013

By Over the Top author, Steven Price.

I know i sometimes risk this being mistaken for a real estate blog, but i just love when one of the originals goes on the market. I mean -- UNTOUCHED, since 1962.

It will be open Sunday from 2-5 but i'd be surprised if it's not already in escrow by then; I predict it'll go (and quickly) for about $5 million...well over its $4.4 million asking. I'll be parked outside at 1:55, like the lady at the Mervyn's commercial ("Open Open Open.")

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POST SCRIPT: an in-person visit to this first-time-ever-on-the-market gem in Trousdale was like a a party, despite the cloudy, windy day. First lovely bit of serendipity was running into the owners of one of my favorite houses nearby, who I’ve only met here on FB, and introducing him to nearby neighbors whose house I also admire. Everyone was pretty much in agreement that 1469 Carla Ridge was a pretty fantastic place. And the more I saw, the more I’m praying Jeffrey’s Lotto numbers pay off from last night, LOL.

Another happy circumstance awaited us in the Dining Room, where the renderings and blueprints of the house were laid out, revealing the home to be the work of architect Robert L. Earl, who as many of you know is one of my favorites in the area. After that, it was pretty much gravy – while not GREAT, the house has many, many fabulous elements throughout, ALL in entirely original shape. Running into other friends and fans throughout the tour made it fee like more like a party than an open house. I just wish I was the host!

The Master Suite was a surprisingly sexy revelation; the hexagonal master bedroom was kicky and the master bath utterly sublime – the hexagonal sunken terrazzo tub WITH inclined backrest had me speechless for a minute – and that’s pretty hard to do. The circulation/arrangement of the rooms could certainly have been designed for me personally, with the flow of bedroom wing to public rooms very subtle but effective…and very discreet.

I know the place is dated, but I’d move in and wait a while before getting to work, to see how life wants to be lived, in this house…except for some landscaping additions (hedges and gates) that I’d undertake immediately. One fab swank detail after another made this a true time-capsule – down to the velvet flocked wallpaper in the hallway (which might be held over, as homage). Sometimes you don’t WANT to wake Sleeping Beauty. You just want to sit there and admire her serenity, her perfect complexion, undisturbed. Who knows? If you wake her up she might be a terrible harridan, LOL.

Again, I am sure the house will go FAR over asking – I’m even more of a fan after seeing it in real life…and on an inclement day at that!