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January 1, 2009

Myra Nourmand
(The Breadwinner)

Known as the First Lady of Real Estate in Beverly Hills, Myra Nourmand has successfully sold and listed numerous properties ranging from $1 million to $30 million. While working with her husband, Stephen, and son, Michael, at Nourmand & Associates, Myra has built her real estate expertise in the luxury market. Her clientele is mainly composed of the entertainment industry’s moguls. Various television appearances, including The View and the Discovery Channel’s Hollywood Real Estate Homes, allowed Nourmand to gain trust and respect among her clients. With a new book due out in the winter, there is no sign of Nourmand slowing down.

HL Where are you from? What attracted you to LA?
MN I grew up on the East Coast in New Jersey and upstate New York. After spending my high school and college years in Buffalo, NY, I met my husband, got married, and decided to replace the wintry blizzards and snow with warm sunshine all year round. The weather was one of the most important factors that attracted me to LA; however, the metropolitan lifestyle was also a contributing factor.

HL What attracted you to real estate?
MN My husband, Stephen Nourmand, who started the company in 1976 as a high-end luxury real estate boutique. And since he lived and breathed real estate 24/7, it was an easy transition for me to become part and parcel of this family business.

HL Who was your first mentor, and how did he or she influence you?
MN Stephen was my first mentor, he would always say to me, “Myra, you sold me, you can sell the world.”

HL You’ll never be found without your…
MN Cell phone, client list/data base, and a big smile!

HL What were your yearly sales for 2006? Forecast for 2007?
MN My yearly sales for 2006 were just under $100,000,000 in residential sales. Projected sales for the first half of 2007 are $80,000,000.

HL What is your most memorable deal?
MN My most memorable deal involved a beautiful home in Beverly Hills which I was fortunate enough to sell four different times to four different celebrities in a matter of ten years and each time the ante went up one million dollars.

HL Where do you live?
MN Beverly Hills – where else?

HL If money were no object, what property on the market would you recommend in Southern California?
MN I currently have a trophy property in Santa Barbara with three acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean for $39,500,000. It is definitely a WOW!

HL What is your formula for keeping your high-end and/or high-profile clients happy?
MN I recently wrote a book on how to sell high-end luxury real estate. It will be coming out in the winter of 2007. I have devoted a chapter on exactly how to keep your high profile and high-end clients happy, it’s called the 4 E’s of Real Estate – Effort, Expertise, Ethics, and Enthusiasm.


myra nourmand

Tell us one thing most people wouldn’t know about you.
MN That I am a very happy homemaker. I love to cook, entertain, and work in my garden, which is why my book From Homemaker to Breadwinner is such a perfect vehicle to share my success and know-how to other real estate professionals in the country. In another life, I might have been an interior designer, florist, or a clone of Martha Stewart. I love beauty, architecture, furniture, and gardens; it is an extension of my personality.

HL What is your proudest achievement?
MN My proudest achievement has been the success of my children. My daughter, Nicole, is a successful pediatrician and has blessed me with two beautiful grandchildren. My son, Howard, has a post-production company, which continually redefines cutting edge aesthetics for commercial, music video, and film. My son, Michael, who has joined me in our real estate company, was recently appointed as the youngest director of the Beverly Hills Board of Realtors, and is also actively involved in all aspects of real estate from selling to administration.

HL Where would we find you on a Friday night?
MN Friday night is synonymous with family, friends, fun, and a feast of food.

HL What are your favorite vacation destinations and/or leisure activities?
MN My favorite vacation destinations are Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe. My favorite leisure activities are reading, theater, and concerts.

HL Your forecast for the LA real estate market for 2008?
MN Prices will continue to go up in the high-end luxury market. The demand far exceeds the supply and you know the story of supply and demand.

HL What are your personal goals for 2008?
MN Making Nourmand & Associates the number one high-end luxury boutique in Southern California and keeping it as a privately held firm.

HL In your opinion, what makes LA so special?
MN I love LA. To me it encompasses everything one could wish for: fabulous weather, an incredibly diversified mix in its population which adds interest and variety to our city. We are so privileged to have so much culture available to us – the many museums, theaters, Hollywood Bowl, Music Center, and Staples Center. Where else in the United States are you that fortunate to be able to surf in the Pacific Ocean, get in the car and two hours later ski in the snow!